Tiffany Kemp

Director - Event & Partner Benefit Liaison | Edmonton Airshow

Tiffany has been project managing events as both a permanent employee and an independent contractor since 1993.

She has worked in Australia, Canada, the US and Qatar on some of the largest international events in the world, including Olympic Games, Asian Games, Formula One Motorsport and the Champ Car / IndyCar World Series.

Tiffany’s project and event experience is vast and encompasses a wide range of departmental management roles from total event production to sponsorship, ticketing and marketing, event operations, logistics and on-site facilitation.

She has worked with organizing committees, heads of government, international corporate stakeholders and international celebrities.

From concept to delivery of multi-million dollar events and projects, Tiffany has the experience and knowledge to fit comfortably into any team environment. She has the initiative and drive to take the lead and ensure all deliverables are met – within budget and time constraints.

She has a proven track record as a team leader who will consistently produce high quality events that exceed client expectations whilst ensuring all budget parameters are maintained.

She is well known for her strong skillset as a relationship builder within the community, government and corporate sectors and over the years has developed exceptional industry supplier relationships.

Her past experiences bring the organization and knowledge required to help the Edmonton Airshow and our future branding as we foray into Air Racing and a national exposition will elevate our partner’s experiences and guarantee they find value in the engagement.