Kelsey Firkus

AirBoss | Showline Airshows

Kelsey loves a challenge. That’s why she’s passionate about Flight Operations and Air Bossing. Both keep her sharp and in the game every day.

Her obsession with aircraft and aviation started the moment she was born. She looked up from her stroller in Chilliwack, B.C., and never took her eyes off the sky. Most of her life, she has been involved with airshows, working up and down both North American coasts in Canada and the United States from California to the Northwest Territories.

Kelsey loves the rhythm and pulse of a show. Whether she is working with aircraft on the ramp or conversing with the pilots on the radio, she’s in her comfort zone.

Kelsey holds a degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin – Superior.  She believes you can achieve anything you desire if you feel strong and work hard. When she’s not bossing, she’s testing herself in different ways. She’s often on the ice or in a field, ready to challenge feisty adversaries in a good game of hockey, field hockey or baseball.

If you’re a curious fan, Kelsey’s happy to stop and talk during an event. She enjoys being a role model and likes engaging with youth and meeting young men and women whenever the opportunity arises.