Donna Flynn

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Donna Flynn started in aviation when she obtained her private license in the winter of 1987. She soon followed with a commercial license in 1989. While working through her licenses she caught the airshow bug while volunteering at the Vanderhoof International Airshow. Working on the flight operations side of the show, she was involved in other interesting projects including Joann Osterud’s inverted flight records. Along with a partner in 1992, she started a float-based business in Fort St. James, British Columbia. This kept her busy in central and northern B.C. until 1998 when she started an airshow based business and in 2000 she made the move to Vancouver, B.C.

Donna has completed over 400 show and media days at over 40 sites in Canada and the United States. She has worked with all the North American jet and skydiving teams. Some of her show sites include San Francisco’s Fleet Week; Saskatoon’s famous Veteran event, The Canada Remembers airshow; The Canadian International airshow in Toronto, ON; Niagara Falls, ON; Yellowknife, NWT; London, ON; Vancouver, BC; Edmonton, AB; Vandenburg AFB, CA; Catalina Island, CA; and Klamath Falls, OR. We are proud to add NAWS China Lake to the list this year.