PRIMAVERA Development Group of Edmonton, Alberta has come on board as the named sponsor of the Edmonton Airshow’s Aerobatic Show box.  The show box is the marked area where all aircraft can perform their aerobatic maneuvers.  This area is marked by 2 buses in the center of the field and one single bus on either end.

This agreement cements a long-term supportive partnership between PRIMAVERA and the Edmonton Airshow.

“We are pleased to commence our long-term sponsorship of the PRIMAVERA Show Box at the 2018 Edmonton Airshow.  A Show Box is the envelope in which the performers are allowed to perform and demonstrate their craft and to push the envelope in much the same way as a site does for a developer.  Both have the capacity to inspire and to serve as a foundation for future growth and opportunity.” – Ken Cantor, President PRIMAVERA Developments


PRIMAVERA Development Group was established in 2016 to engage in the development of high value-added commercial real estate projects and to provide strategic commercial real estate development consulting services and advocacy to a select group of local, national and international clients.

Our clients share our core belief that both individuals and corporations only get one reputation in life and that reputation is the only thing we truly control.

All PRIMAVERA projects are selected with the twin objectives of undertaking successful projects and enhancing our reputation for doing the right things for the right reasons.

PRIMAVERA’s current signature project is the rejuvenation and revamping of a signature Edmonton landmark – the Brighton Block at 9666 Jasper Avenue.

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