═ Parking ═

We’ve brought on additional resources, such as police and security, to assist with moving traffic in an effort to minimize delays. Courtesy shuttles will also be on site to assist folks with mobility concerns from the parking lot right into the middle of all the action! We have taken every effort to minimize traffic and parking delays at the Edmonton International Airshow.  There is no parking on roadways. Please only enter the lot if you are a paid patron of the Edmonton International Airshow.  Every vehicle must be parked in their row with room for a drive lane between rows. No setting up of RV’s, picnic areas, chairs, or other amenities will be permitted. Overnight camping is not allowed.  Drive lanes must be kept clear for emergency access and evacuation. All cars must be out of the parking lot by close of business daily. Every non-essential vehicle entering the grounds is subject to ticket verification. There will be no spectator viewing allowed from the parking lot. Any vehicle or public in the parking lot without a paid ticket per person is subject to immediate removal from the site. Management reserves the right to charge those abusing this lot a minimum fee of one GA ticket per person to a maximum of one lounge ticket per person. All towing and other fines remain the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Please remember you are on private airport property, not a public parking lot. Security, evacuation, and environmental controls are paramount.

VIP/Premium Parking

Premium parking instructions are on your ticket, and will be published in an email sent directly to VIP clients prior to the show.

Disabled Parking

Disabled parking will be available as close to the Airshow as possible. Additionally, our courtesy golf carts will be available to transport those with mobility concerns. Mobility impaired patrons will be given priority access to the golf carts!