2020 Frequently Asked Questions

This list will be updated as new questions arise.


Q1.  Why was the event postponed?


A1.1.                     As per our news release, a multitude of factors resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 resulted in it being logistically unfeasible to host a large gathering in 2020.  All major Canadian festivals are postponed or outright cancelled.  A full breakdown is available in our 2020 detail page in the FAQ section.


Q2.  Why not do a drive in?


A2.1.                     In simple terms, this was not seen as a viable option due to sightline, security, liability, and patron experience terms.  

A2.3.                     Unanswered questions still remained in July.  We could no longer, in good faith, consider continuing with 2020.


Q3.  Did you consider additional dates?


A3.1.                     Yes.  We moved planning out to the September timeframe to see if that would align – specifically September 4-6.

A3.2.                     Information was still unclear as to border openings, etc.

A3.3.                     RCAF assets were still unavailable.  USAF/USN/USMC assets and personnel were still being reviewed in light of restrictions.  It would be unfair to these organizations to continue.


Q4.  Will 2019 tickets be honoured in 2021?


A4.1.                     We will honour 2019 tickets in 2021.  We will honour them at the value and age restrictions at the time of issue.  Tickets issued to youth in 2019 will be honoured as youth providing the person redeeming the ticket would have been at that age in 2019.  Youth tickets cannot be transferred to patrons who were adults in 2019.  Similarly, tickets for adults won’t be recategorized to senior based  on timeline.


Q5.  Are you looking at asset/field capital improvements to prevent rain outs, etc.?


A5.1.                     Yes.  We are working with Edmonton Airports, Sturgeon County, private stakeholders, and the Provincial and Federal Administrations on a longer risk mitigation and capital plan.

A5.2.                     Improvements suggested are reseeding parking areas, growing fly in areas, permanent VIP areas, VIP parking, Apron/Ramp space, Taxiway additions, permanent arrester cable attachments, and other requests to be announced.


Q6.  Why not pave the lot?


A6.1.                     Cost prohibitive for the current uses. 


Q7.  When will you start selling 2021 tickets?


A7.1.                     There are several factors in this timing.  Monitoring of the worldwide effects of COVID-19, industry terms and conditions, economic realities, and others will factor into the final date. 

A7.2.                     Our goal is to have exchanges from 2019 and net new sales started by Deccember 10, 2020.


Q8.  Is info@rweevents.ca still the email to use for updates?


A8.1.                     Yes

A8.2.                     We will update other contact avenues for 2021 when we are ready to launch.


Q9.  What does the future hold?


A9.1.                     We continue to work with stakeholders to realize the vision launched in 2013.  These include an international Trade and Investment event, STEM education and recruitment, Career Fair, Air and Drone Racing, Investment Attraction, and other items to augment the Airshow.

A9.2.                     More will be announced as it becomes available.