The 2022 Alberta International Airshow is coming 13-14 August, 2022 at the Villeneuve Airport. This year we are featuring your Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds!

We are putting the final blocks together for the 2022 Airshow.

Given the events in Ukraine, we are not going to promise specific military acts.  Please remember that these are business machines, and the unwarranted aggression against Ukraine is changing the landscape in real time.  We will stand back and let our men and women in Canada, NATO, and elsewhere challenge this awful decision by Russia.    Hence, all acts that are unconfirmed will be switched to TBD.

Please send your prayers, donations, and support to those in need.

To date, there are several scheduled performers both civilian and military.

Military Acts
Civilian Acts

Other flyovers, statics, and performers will be announced when confirmed.
All acts subject to change based on operational duties or other unforeseen conditions.

Your old tickets are still 100% valid. No exchange needed unless you want to change dates.

For people who are looking for refunds on their 2019 tickets,
that process is still in process with our litigation of the event cancellation insurers for 2019.  We appreciate how long this is taking as we are affected by the timing as well.

For more information, please contact us at